Accuracy - Ecoslug® ML

Of course, with any new bullet, muzzleloading or otherwise, the question comes up as to whether it is accurate. Anotherwords, will the bullets produce an acceptably tight group? What is shown here is an example of what was obtained without taking extraordinary measures (other than mounting a 14x scope). The group shown was shot at 90 yards on an informal range. A .50 caliber Traditions Pursuit™ II XLT was used. Its barrel has a 1-28” twist. The Ecoslug ML bullets  were used with the sabots that come packaged with them. The powder load used was two 50 grain Hodgdon Triple Seven® muzzleloading propellant pellets (100 grains total).

Actually, the 2" group shown in this photo consists of 4 shots. The purpose of showing this is not to make claims of extreme accuracy. Rather, it is to show that Ecoslug ML muzzleloading projectiles should be capable of giving  good accuracy without taking extreme efforts, such as precisely optimizing the powder load.

No lead target

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