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ECOSLUG® ML-NRBP is a product of P-Bar Company LLC, a small US manufacturing company focused on providing innovative products for muzzleloading rifles. . Despite the invasion of low cost foreign products into our country, and the resulting loss of American jobs and living standards, we strive to continue to manufacture our products in the USA. The manufacturing is done in the USA, and we strive to incorporate USA-made materials where feasible. Because we do the majority of the ECOSLUG® ML-NRBP manufacturing ourselves, we can be a low-cost producer, which benefits the consumer. In addition, our strategy of direct sales over the Internet keeps the costs that we must pass on to the consumer to a minimum.

We are members of the NRA and the NMLRA (National Muzzleloading Rifle Association). We believe strongly in the continuation of the shooting sports, and are focused on providing innovative products for muzzleloading rifles.

As duck hunters, we saw the requirement and resulting transition from lead to steel shot. For reasons both valid and in some cases debatable related to protecting the environment, we think that there is a good probability that requirements for lead-free/non-lead bullets will increase in the future. Our goal is to allow muzzleloading shooters and hunters to meet this requirement at a moderate price.

One threat to the shooting sports is the cost. This is especially true in today’s difficult economy. With the ECOSLUG® ML-NRBP, we want to give shooters a non-lead muzzleloading bullet alternative at a reasonable price.

The all-copper muzzleloading bullets currently available on the market give excellent performance, but are relatively expensive. With the ECOSLUG® ML-NRBP, we are offering another non-lead option at a lower price, which we believe still gives satisfactory performance.

God Bless America,
The Shooters and Hunters at P-Bar Company, LLC.


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