The Ecoslug® ML - Hunting Examples

 Ecoslugs and Feral Hog Hunting

In many states there is an overpopulation problem with feral hogs. If the population is not kept in check, feral hogs can degrade the habitat for other animals, and spread disease. In some states, feral hogs can be hunted year-round, with no bag limits.

A hog harveste with an Ecoslug ML.

This 120 pound feral hog was harvested in Florida, one of the states with a feral hog problem. To harvest this hog, Ecoslug MLs were used in a Traditions .50 caliber over-under double barrel muzzleloading rifle. This is an in-line muzzleloader that uses 209 primers.

The range was approximately 70 yards. Although a double barrel muzzleloader was used, the hog went down on the first shot, and the second was probably not needed.

Hog hunting with non-lead ammunition

The second photo shows another Florida feral hog harvested using the Ecoslug ML muzzleloading projectile.  The range was 40 yards.  The powder load was two 50 grain Hodgdon Triple Seven® muzzleloading propellant pellets.  The approximately 150 pound hog went down quickly and a follow-up shot was not needed.

This photo shows a fairly small 80 pound feral hog taken in Florida, using an Ecoslug ML projectile. A Traditions™ Over/Under double barrel .50 caliber in-line muzzle loading rifle was used. The powder load was two 50 grain Hodgdon Triple Seven® powder pellets, 100 grains total. The range was 40 yards, and only one shot was required.

While the size of this hog was not impressive, what was interesting is that the ecoslug bullet was recovered. A quartering shot, it entered the hog in the chest area on the left side, and was found in the right side upper rear leg area while processing the meat.

As the photo of the Ecoslug bullet shows, the expansion closely resembles that obtained when shooting into Permagel® ballistic gelatin.

A medium-sized black boar harvested with the Ecoslug ML-NRBP at 50 yards

The Ecoslug bullet traveled almost all of the way through the boar, and was recovered on the other side of the shot. The recovered expanded bullet is shown here.

Although most of the testing was done on feral hogs, the Ecoslug has also been successfully used to harvest deer.


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